Cyprus Citizenship New Law

Introducing Fast track process for Naturalisation of Highly skilled Employees of Companies of Foreign Interest (‘BCS’)

Cyprus Citizenship New Law – a brief summary of changes

Following recent amendment to the Civil Registry Law, highly skilled foreign workers can now obtain Cypriot citizenship if they resided in Cyprus for a shorter timeframe of 4 – 5 years (depending on Greek language knowledge). The previous requirement was 7 years.

Furthermore, the revised law offers a new route to citizenship for skilled workers employed by foreign companies.

There are also revised criteria for all citizenship applications – see further below. 

New requirements for Cyprus citizenship

To apply for Cyprus citizenship, the applicant must have:

  • 12 months lawful stay in the Republic (up to 90 days absence allowed).
  • Lawful stay of 7 years (7x 365 days = 2555 days of stay) in the Republic out of the previous 10 years.
  • Good character.
  • Sufficient knowledge of Greek (Level B1* at the Examinations for the Verification of the Greek Language conducted via the Ministry of Education).
  • Sufficient understanding of the socio-political realities in the Republic (at least 60% at the relevant examinations conducted by the Ministry of Education).
  • Adequate accommodation and stable and regular financial means to support themselves and their families
  • * Level B1 means you can handle everyday communication situations on your own.

Family members can also apply for citizenship

  • Family members are spouses, partners, and dependent adult children with disabilities.
  • They must reside in the country for at least seven calendar years within the previous eleven years.
  • They must also have legally lived in Cyprus for one year before applying. However, they can be absent for up to 90 days in the previous year.
  • Fulfill the language requirements.

Fast-Track process for naturalisation of Highly Skilled Professionals (of companies of foreign interest ‘BCS’)

Crucial changes introduced are notably shortening the previous 7-year residency requirement for highly skilled foreign workers to obtain Cypriot citizenship.

Suitable applicants should satisfy all the following:

  • Lawful stay  for at least 4 years during the 10 years preceding the 12-month period, pursuant to the Greek language requirement being satisfied.
  • Greek language requirement. Highly skilled workers are required to have a proficiency of at least A2 in Greek (as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language) in order to benefit from this Fast-Track process. Moreover, the 4-year period can be reduced to 3 years where an applicant has a proficiency equivalent to B1.
  • Awareness of Cypriot culture. An applicant should also have sufficient knowledge of basic elements of modern political and social reality of the Republic, which will be evaluated by a three-member committee.
  • Self-sufficiency. Applicant must have a stable income of at least €2,500 per month. Moreover, eligible applicants must have secured suitable accommodation for themselves and their family members, expressing an intention to settle permanently in the Republic.
  • A clean criminal record
  • Good character
  • Not be subject to any sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United Nations Security Council.
  • Family members of highly skilled workers may apply for naturalisation concurrently with the primary applicant under the same criteria


The new Cyprus Citizenship Law represents a significant opportunity for foreign nationals and their families. They have a unique chance to get a Cyprus passport.

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